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1 Comment 21 October 2008

In attempting to promote and commemorate next Wednesday’s Horse Feathers (+ me) show at CaffĂ© Lena, I had hoped to have silk-screened posters made up. Confirming the date took a bit longer than expected and suddenly I had less than twenty days to make this happen.

Luckily, I was able to call on some friends a mere three hours north of here. Tick Tick is a group of artists and musicians/music lovers from the Burlington, Vermont area that have banded together to make their own world sparkle, shine and… tick. Throughout the last two years, Tick Tick has put on over 100 shows and events in their area, and often created screened posters and t-shirts to promote these happenings. Read Burlington alt-weekly 7Days’ recent excellent feature on the group.

With the recent re-launch of the Tick Tick website, one can witness upcoming events, past parties, purchase limited edition signed posters, t-shirts and much more. The idea to use Tick Tick for the Horse Feathers posters came when the “printing” section of their site had prices for flatstock poster printing AND they happened to be bringing Horse Feathers up to Burlington for a very special Halloween show. (I’ve since been asked to join that bill — amazing!) A quick email last week to former co-worker and current Tick Tick business manager (and damned fine artist / musician in his own right) Graham Keegan proved that the idea to make a diptych poster series for the 10/29 and 10/31 shows was an excellent and doable idea. Five days later (including overnight shipping yesterday) and I have fifty gorgeous prints in my hands.

The image above slightly represents the image in this two screen print, but seeing it live in-person reveals much more detail and subtlety especially in the spooky buildings and bird head. You’ll have to see it yourself (ahem, tickets are available now)!

I am extremely pleased with Tick Tick’s expedient, efficient and excellent work. Please note that they will silk-screen any design, not only their own designs.

Stay tuned for the 10/31 half of the diptych as it is revealed…

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1 comment

  1. Jen says:

    Beautiful and creepy. Just perfect for this time of year. Wish we could make the show…

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