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2008 Annotated

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I purposefully left the song titles out of the listings of the 2008 video at first for fear that any viewer would be prejudiced against the songs from my rushed readings of them. However, I received enough requests about the songs that I thought an update about them would be in order…

The first song, “Take Away the Words” by Winterpills is the second song on their most excellent album Central Chambers which was released this fall. I had a difficult time picking a song from the album that I wanted to sing, since they are all so excellent. Turns out, this song will be featured on Grey’s Anatomy next week! Apparently, I have “prime-time” taste. Har har..

The next song, “Oh Albany, We Hope” is from my pals We Are Jeneric‘s album In the Parlor With the Moon which was recorded in the same time frame as Kentucky and shared the same release party. I dare you to find a more poignant, befitting and encapsulating song that so eloquently captures the spirit of the secrets that all of us from this region share.

I’m not sure that I could write any more than I already have about my feelings for Cuddle Magic. I walked out of each of the three Cuddle Magic concert experiences I had this year with the feeling that they were the future of music. The song “Sandinista” was an obvious choice to sing from their self-titled record.

As for the last (real) song on the video; I had to address Peter Broderick‘s Home album, which resonated through some wide summer days for me this year. The beginning of song “Maps” (sans explosions and layers) was on heavy repeat for a bit, what with it’s perfect phrasing and moving harmonies. I have already extolled my love for the record here, so I’d say no further pitch is necessary.

“Trade Up” and “Apples Burning” by Princess Mabel
“Lights” by Bryan Thomas
“Love You Now” by Madi Diaz
“Mr. Richards” by R.E.M.
“Heavy Water/I’d Rather Be Sleeping” by Grouper
“Lump Sum” by Bon Iver
“Blue Ridge Mountains” by Fleet Foxes (not totally thrilled by that whole record, but that song is excellent)
“Lost Verses” by Sun Kil Moon
“I Don’t Feel Young” by Wye Oak
All of Alopecia by WHY?

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  1. Bobby says:

    Har har, indeed.

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