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Matthew Carefully (née Matthew Loiacono) is a musician from upstate New York. Performing original and adapted / rearranged music on mandolin, banjo, acoustic & electric guitars, drums, percussion and much more, he is mildly obsessed with marrying traditional instruments with modern technology and sounds. Known to utilize live on-the-fly looping, octave pedals, thick distortion and heavy reverb, Matthew delivers a unique, constantly evolving musical performance.

Author Rick Moody (Garden State, The Ice Storm, Right Livelihoods, etc) recently wrote this passage about Matthew in his music blog on The Rumpus ->

…Matthew, I think, embodies the tradition now. In the following way: he totally knows and reveres all the traditional stuff, and he plays a very traditional instrument (though I have now sat around singing with him a few times, and apparently he can play anything with strings on it), and he has the soul of an Old Time music lover. But he describes his music as “new sounds on old instruments,” which means that he is also completely up-to-speed on all the contemporary new media approaches to things. For example, he now has a webmail project going where he sends new music to his friends every week. He also made a record recently—wrote, recorded, mixed, mastered, and jacketed—in one month, on a dare, and then, soon thereafter, made a record of songs that were all a minute long, and now he is making a song every week, usually just with materials at hand, some of which are software modules. He has some computer-based recording program, and he just builds up the compositions on his computer, playing all the instruments (most of them traditional) and layering voices, in a sort of low-fi way, in a way not at all unlike, e.g., Sebadoh’s Weed Forestin’, or those early Smog albums. He even sets lyrics by people he likes or by people who write in to him and suggest lyrics (me, for example), and so you can have some input on his output if that appeals to you, or you could just get to know him, as he is a warm and accessible and easy-to-like person.

For mp3s from albums and live performances, head here.

For information about Matthew’s most recent full-length album of songs, a collaboration between him and his email list, visit here.

For information about Matthew’s 2009 recording Penny Riddle EP, please head here. The limited edition CD version of Penny Riddle is available sold out. If you’d like to receive the mp3s for free in exchange for your email address, click here.

For information about Matthew’s full-length album Kentucky, please head here. The album is available on CD here.

A webjournal detailing local happenings, new music, and some sharing of things is located here.

Feedback is always welcome! Feel free to get in touch at any time.

Current Projects:
+ Soundtrack to Nate Simms’ documentary about Brunswick, NY
+ A very special covers record
+ The first Rosary Beard recording
+ Soundtracks to short films
+ Commissioned songs for eScape
+ A new full-length album

Has Collaborated With:
+ Cuddle Magic
+ Death Vessel
+ Deer Tick
+ Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned
+ Mitch Elrod
+ Brent Gorton
+ Horse Feathers
+ Ike Snopes
+ The Kamikaze Hearts
+ Ben Karis-Nix
+ knotworking
+ Matthew Larsen & The Documents
+ George Muscatello
+ Sarah Paul / Jump Cannon
+ Brian Patneaude Quartet
+ Princess Mabel
+ Railbird
+ Bryan Thomas
+ Will Stratton
+ Winterpills

Has Shared a Stage With:
+ The Avett Brothers
+ Karl Blau
+ The Brother Kite
+ Richard Buckner
+ Dark Dark Dark
+ the everybodyfields
+ Jana Hunter
+ Calvin Johnson
+ Marissa Nadler
+ PG Six
+ Ponies in the Surf
+ Colin Stetson
+ Gene Ween Band

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